Air Curtain

Air Curtains help sustain a healthy working environment whether cooling, heating or ambient conditions for a comfortable climate for customers and employees

Type : FM-1.25-9-K

  • Nominal Tegangan : 220V

  • Sirkulasi Udara : 1200M3H

  • Berat : 16 kg

  • Watt : 110

  • Dimensi : 900*215*193

Type : FM-1.25-12-K

  • Nominal Tegangan : 220V

  • Sirkulasi Udara : 1650M3H

  • Berat : 20 kg

  • Watt : 140

  • Dimensi : 1200*215*193


  • Energy saving

  • Improved indoor air quality

The air curtain incorporates a transverse turbine which produces a high speed air flow in a downward direction. Its installation on the upper part of doors or windows creates a curtain that isolates the interior from the exterior to reduce heat loss. It prevents the entry of insects and dust inside.

The air flow allows to separate 2 environments, indoor and outdoor, saving up to 33% of air conditioning costs. Economical unheated curtain, in some applications, amortization is possible from 6 months.

ther benefits and features:

  • Optimized transverse fan and high efficiency motor.

  • Double-sided galvanized anti-corrosion metal casing.

  • Very resistant structure with a powerful air flow.

  • Integrated electrical components, easy to maintain.